The vision of Hodgkin’s International is quite simple - “To improve the quality of life for long term Hodgkin Lymphoma survivors.”

A message from the board of directors

Hodgkin’s International is a non-profit charity organized in the public interest for Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer patients – supporting long-term follow-up care and relief of late effects. Our membership includes former cancer patients, medical professionals, and the general public.

Our goal is to connect people who have been treated for Hodgkin Lymphoma, particularly long term survivors, with one another and with informed, experienced, and enlightened medical professionals – both allopathic and alternative/traditional.

Carol Bille Giller and Margaret Nash

Carol Bille Giller and Margaret Nash

We also seek to promote education and medical research in the area of survivorship, a general understanding of the particular needs of long term survivors - physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and to advocate for the interests of Hodgkin Lymphoma survivors in the public domain.

Our hope is to support our fellow survivors, and their caregivers, by letting them know that they are not alone and providing information and tools to achieve optimal health and healing.