"Dolly Smiles" -   A Musical Tribute to Dolly Griffin   August 25, 2018

                                                music and lyrics by kelsey henry, PERFORMED BY KELSEY HENRY


Kelsey, Dolly, and Dave.jpg

Hodgkin's International is thrilled to announce a very special tribute to our "own" Dolly Griffin, friend to many in the Hodgkin's community and co-founder of this organization.  Dolly passed away on September 4, 2016 due to the late effects of her earlier treatment for Hodgkin Lymphoma.  Many of us have wonderful memories of Dolly.  We were lucky to have shared in the pure joy of knowing such a wise and generous soul.

We have also been fortunate in that Dolly's dear friend, Kelsey Henry, has been assisting us with the creation of this website  as well as our Facebook Page.  Kelsey made a promise to Dolly to help Hodgkin's International get off the ground, providing much needed technical support and unwavering patience in these early steps.  Kelsey's commitment to Dolly and to Hodgkin's International goes beyond her expertise on the computer, however.  

We are delighted to present "Dolly Smiles" -  a song written, composed, and sung by Kelsey Henry in honor of what would have been Dolly's 66th birthday.

Kelsey has been working on "Dolly Smiles" for over a year now.  Her intent was to find a way to celebrate Dolly's life and, at the same time, create a fund-raising vehicle for Hodgkin's International.

To that end, Kelsey will make "Dolly Smiles" available on her website, "Positively Delighted". She has offered to donate 50% of the proceeds from the song and other "Dolly Smiles" items to our organization.

In addition, Kelsey has agreed to provide any future technical assistance to Hodgkin's International on a "pro bono" basis.  We are incredibly grateful to Kelsey for her heartfelt efforts on our behalf.  Like Dolly, Kelsey had a dream for the success of Hodgkin's International. That dream is best described in Kelsey's own words:

 "My dream is to raise $50,000 for Hodgkin's International by Dolly's birthday next year- August 30, 2019.  To accomplish this, I will be donating 50% of the proceeds from all "Dolly Smiles" merchandise to Hodgkin's International. I want to donate this money in Dolly's honor and in the process, spread her spirit and joy with as many people as possible.

Dolly was one of my  biggest fans.  She influenced my life in such a profoundly positive way.  My mom met Dolly in a ceramics class in the late 70"s, and they bonded over their love of art.  Mom had no idea at the time that her new friend was battling Hodgkin's Disease.  Dolly didn't dwell on her illness.  To her, time was better spent learning and creating.

I became close to Dolly and her husband Dave when I was a teenager and my family was full-time RV'ing around the country.  When we came back through Texas, sometimes we would stay with Dolly and Dave.  They became like a family to me.

Dolly was always excited to hear what I was up to and what my latest songs were about.  We would trade stories about our adventures and our latest favorite  books.  She had this amazing energy about her that made you instantly happy.  You felt like you could do anything.

Dolly was faced with many challenges in her life and with her health, including battling cancer four times, but she didn't dwell on that.  She was too busy living, learning, and loving.  Her giggles were legendary.  The smallest things would make her so happy.  

She is the inspiration and spirit behind my brand, "Positively Delighted". The name comes from a lyric in the song "Dolly Smiles".  It says...."Simple things make her so excited....She's positively delighted".

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My dream is to share this message with the world. I am so grateful to have known Dolly and to be the lucky person who got to write this song for her.  We could all benefit from more positivity and from living a little more like Dolly."

"When Dolly smiles, she could light up a city.  When Dolly laughs, she is quick and witty.  Her courage is inspirational, just like her strength will motivate us all.  When Dolly loves, she loves with her whole heart.  When she's happy, we all want to take part.  When she's right, we have to agree, 'cause we just want to see.... Dolly smile".

In honor of Dolly Griffin. August 30th, 1952 - September 4, 2016