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connection, education, & advocacy.


We need each other!! 

Long-term survivors of Hodgkin Lymphoma can have serious, sometimes life-threatening health complications due to the late effects of their treatment, including heart and lung disease, secondary cancers, infertility, debilitating lethargy and Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome (RFS).  Many survivors may not even know that they are at risk, and even their medical providers may be unaware of the special challenges Hodgkin's survivors face. Hodgkin's International is here to make sure that their fellow survivors are informed, empowered, and understood. 





Hodgkin's International wishes to extend a huge "thank you"" to a wonderfully generous group of women who have just made a significant donation to our organization.  Lori Gluckman Winterfeldt, long-term survivor and founding member of Hodgkin's International, had asked that friends and family make a donation to HI to honor her 50th birthday.  Her friends, specifically her knitting group, took things a step further.

As Lori's friend Catherine put it, "I was moved this year when Lori just asked on Facebook for donations to Hodgkin's International to celebrate her 50th. Hence the idea of a yard sale to raise more money than I personally could donate and

celebrate our dear friend's landmark and big heart!"

Catherine told us that, in addition to the knitting group. "many more people came to help advertise, set up, donate stuff, support with sales...and help clean up at the end of the day. I would say over 25 people altogether".


"Lori, the inspiration of it all...Renate, donor of the largest and most unique items. "Saint" Linda, the most dedicated volunteer, earliest riser, most giving of her time and space, most wiling to do anything, just to name a few of her attributes".

"Kathy, always supportive and together with her daughter-in-law, 'Queen' of advertising".

"...Lori, Linda, Diana- hardest worker on one foot (she had a cast on the other), and Debby, great support, great people skills..."

"Rebecca, the most frequent donor..," and Catherine herself, who apparently suffered a bee sting in the process of selling up a storm!

Catherine told us that the group "never stopped selling, all day long".  In the end, this amazing group of women raised over $1,200 for Hodgkin's International.

We are thrilled to accept this gift in honor of Lori Gluckman Winterfeldt's 50th birthday, and very, very grateful to Catherine and all the others who worked so hard to make it happen.


                                                                                                 THANK YOU!