leslie’s story- by leslie lomot

Leslie Lomot was just thinking....

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It was 1977 and I was fourteen. We had just gotten back from a year abroad in Israel, living on a kibbutz. Yes-  that was my crazy family, who left the United States, lived through a war, and came back because it was "safer."  I remember getting diagnosed like it was yesterday...being sick, not knowing what it was....then finally a diagnosis..."Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma." At 14, all that mattered was that I could go to school, be with my friends, gossip....but in April 1977 everything changed. Radiation, chemotherapy, hair loss...MORE chemo....then, after what seemed like an eternity...CURED. It was over....or so I thought. Thank goodness I didn't know it WASN'T over. My hair was back, I met a boy, went to college. Things were good....or so I thought. My mother nagged me to get check- ups. "Why?" I would say, it was OVER! Or so I thought....But I got check- ups, got married, had two children....STOP nagging me to get check-ups! Thank goodness she persisted....my mother saved my life more than once. 1999....Something was wrong....oh Goodness! That Adriamycin did my heart in....It took a year to figure out the medicine....No more running. OK, I can do this. 2001....breast cancer....very early stage....get those breasts OFF! OK, got through that....I can do this...What is happening? I feel like I'm falling apart! But I can do this. 2014... now months of passing out...what is W'RONG? Brachychardia! Then, a life changer....sarcoma! Finally, I understand the late effects. Really???? Thirty years later......my body is falling apart, piece by piece.....But it doesn't do me in all at once. It's a slow, progressive illness....chronic. My life was saved in 1977....but my life was altered too. The journey is one I never would have picked....but then again, I am here to share with you. Thanks Mom, for nagging me.